Brunchin’ like a Mother || A celebration of Charlotte Mamas

As I type this, I am just in utter shock that it’s already May and I’m about to talk about Mother’s Day. It seems like January takes 724 years, then all of a sudden, it’s summer and we’re celebrating Christmas. I was just talking with my two best friends about how fast time flies, and for me, it feels like it moves at hyper-speed since becoming a mom. It may be clichéd, but whoever said “the days are long but the years are short REALLYYYY knew their stuff.”

Full disclosure: I never wanted kids. I was always going to be just fine with dogs and being the fun aunt who showered her nieces / nephews and friend’s kids with love, affection, and of course – those god-awful toys that make ridiculously obnoxious sounds. Spoiler alert: I met the right man who changed my mind and here we are with a 15-month-old wild woman, who never sits still and is the epitome of Miss Independent. Still not sure where she gets that from…😊

Is being a mom hard? Yes. Is it incredibly difficult being a working mom with a fairly busy “side hustle”? Double yes. Is my husband a rockstar? HELL YES. Are there days where the hubs and I are both wit’s end and want to run away? Absol-freaking-lutely yes.

Would we have it any other way? Definitely not.

So, a few weeks ago when I was approached about shooting a brunch shoot celebrating Mother’s Day with a handful of Charlotte Influencers & Mamas– I literally jumped at the chance!

It’s a pretty incredible thing when you think about all these women and mothers coming together to celebrate.

“Even the closest of friends will have different parenting styles and philosophies. Yet, we’re a tribe. A tribe of mothers who come together, to build a village-like mentality, where we support each other, lift each other up, and lend a helping hand. We’ve all been the trenches in the land of overtired, where dark circles and caffeine rule. And while it might feel like we’re all along on this island – we’re not. We’re united in motherhood. Because motherhood doesn’t discriminate – it overpowers us all, no matter who you are! But when we come together as women and support each other through the tough times of navigating this new world of feeding, diapers, tantrums, and sleep , we’re stronger. And more importantly, we teach our children the importance of lifting each other up, despite our differences.” – Ashley Cash

Every single one of them is crushing motherhood – full time job-ing, full time mom-ing, full time wife-ing, and a crazy amount of other responsibilities because that’s what parenthood is. It was a beautifully designed morning by Ashley Cash of the Graceful Host and hosted at the beautiful home of Josephine Hauser of the Style Hostess. The day was filled with yummy cocktails (I’m told – I stayed away because I already shoot crooked enough and was also climbing ladders!), the most beautiful and delicious food by Lindsay Kingdon of Seven Layer Charlotte, incredible blooms by Spruce and Co, and the wonderful company of Lauren of LCstylereport, Laura of SmartSouthernStyle, Lindsey of LindseyReganThorne, Chelsea of HauteChild, Becky of Indigorowblog, Brittany of Bnoblestyled, and Maggie of Polishedclosets. Talk about some girl power, y’all!

The morning was so fun (read: busy) and even though I was working, I was able to appreciate the magic of these women and how wonderful it was to get all these mama’s in the same room together to talk the ups and downs motherhood, marriage, and life in general! It was such a great opportunity and one that I certainly won’t forget! Here are some of my favorite snaps from the day! Hope y’all enjoy!

Talk soon!