Pregnancy Announcement || Jamie and Emily

Happy Wednesday, y’all! Every time Wednesday comes around, I always find myself wanting to say “HUMPDAYYYYY!” I know you all remember that GEICO commercial with the camel walking around the office yelling at everyone!? Gah, it’s one of my favorites for reasons that I truly cannot explain, but I digress.

This week started off on an amazing note, as I’m sure you all saw, my family got a puppy on Saturday. So, we enjoyed a 3-day weekend for the MLK holiday filled with snuggling our baby girl and new puppy, which sounds sweet and all – but rest assured, there was A LOT of biting. I spent Monday shooting with a local boutique here in Charlotte, heyyyy Chosen Boutique, and closed out the day capturing a pregnancy announcement for the sweetest couple.

As I was editing this session, I was literally squealing with excitement and giddiness to deliver the gallery. Now that they’ve announced, I’m delighted to share a few of my favorites from their session.

Jamie and Emily are expecting their first child this August. Bless women that can handle summer pregnancies, because I am NOT one of them. First of all, the genetics of this couple are insane – I mean, this is going to be one pretty baby. However, once I got past their ridiculously good looking faces, I saw how beautiful their souls are. I spent around an hour with them and let me tell y’all, I could not be more obsessed. The way Jamie doted on Emily and how Emily looks at Jamie is seriously the cutest thing ever. Not to mention, I think Emily and I might be kind of inseparable after this.

I am so excited for this couple to take the next step in their life, but what I’m more excited about is being there to capture it! Jamie and Em, I’m honored to have been a part of your special announcement! I’m know y’all will be awesome parents and I seriously cannot wait for those new baby snuggles.